UKMD Regional: Who We Are

Scotland Food & Drink’s UK Market Development team leads the growth and development of domestic food growth. Its Home Advantage strategy outlines the food and drink opportunities closer to home and an action plan to make this happen, both by developing the potential of businesses and defining and opening new trading platforms. The attention on regionalised markets across Scotland is one very important element of that. And we know that there’s a strong appetite for, and interest in, local food by the public – in fact, seven out of ten Scottish shoppers think that food and drink produced in Scotland is better quality than that which is produced elsewhere.

The Covid-19 outbreak has brought this into a new focus. There is sense of urgency to pay close attention to those very local markets. With traditional outlets for so many producers having collapsed, or significantly reduced, it’s our job to rise to the challenge of supporting businesses to adapt; to prepare them for recovery; to be ahead of the game and ensure that there are new opportunities for them as the sector unlocks in different ways.

Our network of regional food groups, who are, and have been for many years, at the heart of creating and nurturing strong local food development, will continue to be central to our collective ambition to grow a successful food and drink landscape close to home.

We are supported by all organisations across the Scotland Food & Partnership, including our previous Connect Local partners at SAC Consulting, SAOS, Seafood Scotland, EU and The Scottish Government.