Our Partners


Connect Local is comprised of a partnership between SAC, SAOS, Scotland Food & Drink and Seafood Scotland.




SAC Consulting

As part of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), SAC Consulting exists to deliver comprehensive skills, education and business support for Scotland’s land-based industries, founded on world class and sector-leading research, education and consultancy. Its team of more than 375 consultants, veterinarians, technicians and support staff are proud to deliver independent, quality and accessible services to farmer, rural business, food processing and supplier markets, and its mission is ‘to enhance the rural economy and environment’.


SAOS is Scotland’s expert on farmer co-ops and food and drink industry supply chain. Owned and governed by its members, SAOS provides a comprehensive range of specialist information, development and consultancy services.

Scotland Food & Drink

Founded in 2007, Scotland Food & Drink is a not-for-profit organisation that was created to guide food and drink companies of all sizes towards increased profitability. It is tasked with growing the value of Scotland’s food and drink sector, making it more profitable and delivering greater global success in a challenging and competitive environment. Its mission is to grow the industry to a value of £16.5 billion by 2017 and its vision is to build Scotland’s international reputation as a Land of Food and Drink.

Seafood Scotland

Seafood Scotland was set up ‘by the industry for the industry’ in 1999 to increase the value of return to the Scottish seafood sector. Dealing with all seafood species, Seafood Scotland is a non-political organisation that works throughout the supply chain with fishermen, fish/shellfish farmers, processors, retailers, foodservice companies, caterers, NGOs and consumers. It is a small organisation with its core strength being a hands-on approach, level of expertise and high credibility within the seafood industry.